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Joseph Patel

Korbel Champagne, Extra Dry, California - 750 ml

Korbel Champagne, Extra Dry, California - 750 ml

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Korbel Extra Dry, a crisp, off-dry California champagne, will awaken your taste buds. It's a crowd-pleaser. Enjoy vivid citrus tastes with vanilla and spice. This champagne is perfect for a party or a romantic evening. Korbel Extra Dry is a standout in our Champagne and Sparkling Wine collections. If you're a fan of the effervescence, explore our Kosher Sparkling, Prosecco, Ros茅, and Brut categories, offering a curated selection of quality sparkling beverages to enrich your tasting journey. Korbel Extra Dry, from California's Korbel Champagne Cellars, represents 130 years of winemaking. Korbel's M茅thode Champenoise champagne is America's favorite. Korbel Extra Dry is enjoyed by a wide range of sparkling wine and champagne drinkers in the US, including celebrants and connoisseurs. Its airy, delicious profile makes it suitable for any occasion.

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